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Let's design change for a better future together!

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What is
Responsible Innovators?

Responsible Innovators is your plattform to kickstart and support your responsible innovation journey.

Develop a holistic mindset considering the environmental, social, ethical, cultural and economic impact of innovation. Learn how to implement those principles into your product and solution development processes.

Responsible Innovation
Kickstart Guide

Responsible Innovation is new to you? We've got you covered! Just jump right into our kickstart guide. 

You are already an expert? Great - let's exchange thoughts on our guide!

Law for
Responsible Innovators

Responsible Innovation is affected and reinforced by different complex regulatory frameworks within the EU.

We help you to understand law as a driver for long-term sustainable product and business development rather than being held back by regulation.


Responsible Innovators Community

We are connecting responsible innovators eager to make real impact. Share insights into your responsible innovation journey and learn from others' experiences.

Let's co-create a better future together!

Responsible Innovators 

Within our projects we are developing a holistic responsible innovation framework including guidelines for different industry sectors. To make the principles accessible, we develop solutions to practical use cases from these sectors. 

Responsible Innovation
Design Toolkit

We share helpful tools to support the practical implementation of responsible innovation principles throughout the design process setting the foundation for responsible product and solution development.

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Responsible innovation means taking care of the future through collective stewardship of science and innovation in the present.

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Our Mission

In times of technological change and the progressive migration of our analog to the digital world, we have to deal with the consequences for society, democracy and business.  

This is why we need to responsibly design innovation for a better tomorrow.

Responsible innovation is a concept for solving the complex challenges of our time. 

Despite all technical development, people ultimately take a key role. Establishing responsible innovation in practice and as a mindset with effective change management is a top priority.

A community of responsible innovators needs to support this change.

Let's design change for a better future together!


Our Team

Jolanda Rose
  • LinkedIn

Jolanda is Lead Project Manager of the EMA Hub for Legal Managed Services at KPMG International.

Iryna Artiushenko, LL.M.
  • LinkedIn

Iryna is a Urkainian trained lawyer with a specialization in IP and media law.

Maria Petrat
  • LinkedIn

Maria is training to be a German lawyer with a strong background in legal tech & legal design.

Carolin Kothe
  • LinkedIn

Carolin is a German trained lawyer working in the legal process & technology team at KPMG Law Germany.